The other night, after spending more than 11 hours behind a storm to try to capture some lightning ….. I arrive at my house at 5 am soaking wet, I put the SD card from the camera into your reader to see them in my pc, and suddenly while visualizing the images, the reader without me touching anything (I speak level software is disconnected, if hardware level I call Iker :), physically remove the card and when I return to put me says X “unity” “not formatted Do you want to format the drive?” …… NOOO, do not do it. After trying half a dozen rescuers data programs without success, I found one called Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, this was the one who solved my ballot, with which I could recover photos RAW SD card damaged, recovering 100% of the CR2 RAW files of the defective card.

Go relief ……. here are some screenshots of the program:


Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery












Sergφ Antares

Sergio Antares Photographer